Diverter Tube

The Niles Diverter Tube is the industry’s most advanced sparging system on the market. Our patented design allows water to be gently layered into the tank so that stratification is maintained allowing 80%+ of the tank’s stored water to be utilized without outlet temperature variations.

Designed to be used exclusively with Niles Steel Tank’s glass lined storage tanks, the Niles Diverter Tube can easily fit into any of the 3″ NPT fittings that we provide on the tank. It is shipped lose to allow the contractor can place the diverter tube into the most convenient opening for his piping scheme.

Key Features:
  • Durable construction with thick gauge stainless steel
  • Easy field connection via 3″ dielectric double threaded fitting
  • Minimal water restriction with openings that are 30% larger than pipe I.D.
  • Unique “deflection angle” design, allows the water to slow and softly enter the storage tank maintaining temperature separation
Diverter Tube
Diverter Tube Diagram