General Process Tanks


Niles Steel Tank has been manufacturing tanks and vessels for over 115 years.

There really isn’t too much we haven’t built. Although we list just a few items, we will build pretty much anything you need, providing it’s within our lifting and welding capabilities.  Our shop is set-up to produce multiple tanks of the same design as well as one of a kind vessels. Just because you don’t see it listed, doesn’t mean we won’t build it. We service almost every industry except breathable air tanks. If you have an existing tank design that you need us to quote, or you need a replacement tank to match existing piping, we’ll be glad to help.  Our engineering team can help with any aspect of your project. We have experience with chillers, accumulators, steam generation, pump traps, piping, water filtration, surge tanks and many other industries and systems. High pressure and unique designs are where we excel. If your project requires an interior lining, we have the expertise to help determine which lining would best suit your applications need. We offer, glass and epoxy linings done at our facilty.

Please refer to our Request for Quote page to submit your request.