Large Volume Electric Power Water Heaters with Heat Exchanger

The Electric Hybrid Water Heater is a completely customizable water heater.  The is the perfect water heater when you need a powerful water heater matched up with an equally powerful back-up system.  Choose from any tank size and match that up with your choice of electric elements and options then let us size the tube bundle.  Refer to the Power Electric Water page for electric water heater sizes and options, then refer to the Hot Water Generator page for water to water or steam to water hot water generator options.

  • Energy-Saving Performance – High-density closed cell foam insulation is used to meet the demanding ASHRAE 90.1b current standard for minimizing heat loss.  This requirement, allowing a maximum 4 watts per square foot of tank surface energy loss, offers big savings and operating efficiency.
  • Magnetic Contactors with Immersion Thermostats – 120 volt control circuit with built in transformer.  Elements are thermostatically controlled in 54kW (max) increments.
  • Low Watt Density Incoloy Elements – Incoloy elements are used by Niles Steel Tank because of their many superior characteristics to copper-sheathed elements in rigorous water heating applications. This tough alloy successfully resists the effects of prolonged high operating temperatures, hard water, acids, corrosion and thermal shock. Their nominally higher initial cost is more than off-set by much longer life expediencies and reduced service and replacement costs. Incoloy elements are designed to “burn in air” to prevent failures caused by water void.
  • Internal Fusing – All elements and circuits are fused in 48 amp increments, providing complete electrical protection. Cartridge type fuses are rated at 200,000 ampere interrupting capacity.
  • Ultonium® Glass Lining with Microban® – Applied to the interior surface of the steel for superior protection against corrosion. Microban® antimicrobial technology helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface of the tank lining.
  • Magnesium Anode Protection – Provides anodic protection against corrosion of the tank due to electrolysis.
  • Painted Jacket – The painted steel jacket is coated on both sides and beautifully finished in durable finish. This combines attractive appearance with maximum protection.
  • Hinged Door with Key Lock – Quality requires full length hinged doors for ease of inspection and maintenance. Keyed door lock provides additional safety and security at no charge.
  • Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve – Factory provided ASME rated relief valve protects against excessive temperature and/ or pressure buildup within the tank.
  • Terminal Block Connections – Easy and safe wiring connections are made possible by factory installed terminal blocks.
Standard Features:

150 PSI
Ultonium® Glass Lining with Microban®
Incoloy Heating Elements
Internal Fusing (above 120 amps)
Painted Steel Jacket
Magnesium Anode Rods
Immersion Thermostats

Magnetic Contactors
Manual Reset High Limit
Hinged Door with Keyed Lock
ASME Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve
Lifting Lug access
Channel Iron Skid Base
Approved for 180 degrees F (82.2 degrees C) Operation

Optional Features:

BMS Contacts
Low Water Cut-off
Pilot Lights and Manual Limiting Switches
Electric Step Controller (36kW & higher)
Alarm Bell
Shunt Trip Disconnect*
Low Pressure Switch

High Pressure Switch
Time Clock (7 Day)
Time Clock (24 Hour)
Safety Door Interlock
T&P Gauge
12″ x 16″ Manway (250 gallons and larger)