Large Volume Solar Tanks

There are many solar thermal applications where higher volumes of water storage is required. In fact, the more storage, the better the solar system will function.

Smarter systems demand smarter tanks.

Niles Steel Tank has developed large volume storage tanks coupled with internal 1-1/2” O.D. heating coils.

  • Each coil has 14.2 sq./ ft. of heating surface designed for slower gpm rates which solar systems operate.
  • Internal coils are single wall coils and can be positioned in almost any configuration in the tank.
  • Depending on the diameter and height of the tank we can pack each tank with as much heating surface that is physically possible.

By utilizing multiple coils, different solar panel placement designs can be realized. Morning or afternoon sun can be captured, back-up systems can be refined and you can capture more of the sun’s energy and design a “smarter” tank. Multiple coils allow for modular heating zones within the tank that can be “turned on” or “off” based on the load.

Used in conjunction with boilers, you can create large and almost instantaneous water heaters.

In today’s world of modulating boilers and demand for high efficiencies, saving money is the goal. By utilizing multiple coils in the tank, each coil becomes a separate heating “zone” which produces more efficient firing rates and faster heating capabilities.

How to order:

For quote generation, all we need to know is the tank size, number of coils, insulation or not.

  • Select your tank consider door openings and ceiling heights.
  • Refer to our coil chart below to see how many coils will fit into your tank. You can tell us where to place the coils later and we’ll do a sign-off drawing for you.
  • Determine if you would like the tank to be top-coated with R-16 spray on insulation. Consider door openings and ceiling heights knowing that topcoat will add approximately 6” to the diameter and 3” to the overall height of the tank.

Please check our solar calculator which will help you if your chosen product can produce your desired results. The solar calculator is designed to confirm your choice on number of coils and tank size. It is not intended to guide you on what to use, but it will tell you “If” you choose “X”, your outcome will be “Y”.

Model Number explained

(SR) = Solar Tank
(42) = Diameter
(084) = Tank height (Less base ring), add base ring for total height
(4) = number of coils
(TC) = Topcoat Insulation (optional)

Large Volume Solar Tank Internal Coil
Tank Dimension Max # of Coils
30×063 2
30×075 2
30×085 2
36×078 4
36×085 4
36×090 4
42×084 6
42×093 9
42×105 9
48×073 8
48×096 12
48×108 12
48×141 16