Niles Sludge Block


Niles Sludge Block has been specially formulated for use in wastewater treatment pipe and fittings. Nile Sludge Block offers a high level of protection against the buildup of crystalline metal salt deposits. And, prevents the buildup of grease and scum on the pipe wall.Niles Sludge Block is a 2 coat system where each layer is roughly 10 to 12 mils thick (20 to 24 mils total coverage) applied to properly prepared substrates.

Ductile iron pipe requires a base coat of glass formulated to be compatible with the out gassing from the various elements in ductile iron and bond with the carbon content of the substrate.

For ductile iron pipe and fittings

Hardness: >5 on the Mohs Scale

Density: >2.5 grams per c.c.

8% Sulfuric acid @ 148 degrees F for 10 minutes: No loss of gloss

ASTM C-283: Weight loss <3 mg per square inch

Thermal Shock: No integrity loss, no breakdown at 350 degrees F differential.