• Designed for storage of potable hot water up to 180 degrees F.
  • Vertical or Horizontal configurations.
  • ASME IV, Part HLW.
  • 125 PSI Standard.
  • 150 psi ~ 160 psi – optional. **
  • 3” NPT circulation fittings.
  • Ultonium™ Glass Lining.
  • Tank Defender™ Epoxy Lining (Optional).
  • Manways included on tanks over 36“ dia.
  • Magnesium Anodes (Power Anodes Optional).
  • 4” Skirt , 6” Skirt on 54” diameter and above.
  • Lift Lugs Standard on bare tanks.
  • Red Oxide Primer on bare tanks.
  • Jacketed and insulated, bare or R-16 Topcoat.
  • Stainless Steel option.
  • Quick Ship program up to 1000 gallons.
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty.
  • 10 Year Warranty on Double Glass Lined Tanks.

** Higher psi ratings on glass lined hot water storage tanks are available but manufactured under ASME code Section VIII –  “U” stamped.

Niles Steel Tank large volume hot water storage tanks are built to the highest standards in the industry and come with a 5 year limited warranty. We offer bare, jacketed and insulated and our spray-on R-16 topcoat, which is suitable for outdoor applications. Configurations include both vertical and horizontal orientations. When choosing which tank is correct for your project, pay close attention to actual or nominal gallons, many people do not understand this concept. The Niles Steel Tanks model numbers indicate the actual physical size of only the tank but we offer our gallons in both actual and nominal. We do this because there is some confusion when trying to compare other manufacturers sizes with ours. Listed below is a diagram which will better explain actual vs. nominal gallons.

Although we offer standard tank designs, we understand that not every project is the same and modifications are necessary. So, whether you need standard o­ff the shelf designs or a full custom tank, Niles Steel Tank has the experience to help guide you through your selection process and build the vessel you need. Adding additional fittings, changing fitting locations or replacing NPT’s with flanges is never an issue at Niles Steel Tank.

We also hold a large inventory of large volume glass lined hot water storage tanks available for quick ship. We keep bare tanks in inventory from 210 gallon up to 1000 gallons. Our bare tank is also the exact same tank we use in our jacketed and insulated product so if you need a steel Jacket or our R-16 Topcoat insulation on one of our inventory tanks, we only require 4 to 5 days to turn that around. Vertical jacketed tanks are limited to 144” overall height. Jacket diameters are limited to 60”.

The spray-on topcoat insulation can be applied to any size tank in both vertical or horizontal orientations. A single coat of topcoat has an R-16 value. We can also apply a second application which will double the insulation value to R-32. Applied at 2.25” thickness, however it is important to understand that since this is a hand applied process, thickness variations can occur, especially on the tank heads and around nozzles and flanges. The R-16 topcoat insulation is an excellent insulation choice for any application.

We do not inventory Niles Tank Defender Epoxy lined tanks. These are manufactured to order and follow our current lead times.

We do not inventory horizontal tanks. These are manufactured to order.

Protect your tank investment with our Power Anodes and never replace anodes again.

Don’t be fooled. Some tank manufacturers calculate the usable gallons quite di­fferently than we do. To us, usable gallons are what the tank will actually hold and do not include areas outside of the tank. Check our tank size calculation guide for assistance.
Nominal capacity is listed for comparison purposes. Nominal gallon capacity includes areas outside of the actual tank and are not actual usable gallons. See diagram.