Insulation and Topcoat

Suitable for Outdoor ApplicationsNST_Envmt_0201_1

  • An alternative to the steel jacket & insulation
  • Better R value than the steel jacket & insulation
  • Cost less than steel jacket
  • Field repairable
  • Outdoor applications
  • Double applications available
  • Can be applied to any size tank
Our insulation & topcoat is a great alternative to the steel jacket with insulation. We have all seen the damage to large volume jacketed storage tanks on the job site. If the tank survives the freight handlers, it still has to make it from the truck to its final resting place. Crane operators, fork lift drivers, mechanical contractors all have a hand in transporting the tank from the truck to the building’s facility room. In most cases, the steel jacket is going to get damaged. Trying to squeeze through a tight opening, down a flight of steps and around corners in narrow hallways is a tricky maneuver with a 1000 gallon tank. Some Engineers are pretty sticky on making sure the final product is blemish free which means the contractor is on the hook to have the jacket repaired.  A better alternative is our R-16 insulation & topcoat.  Although the final product does not have the shiny, glossy finish of a steel jacket, it does have a better R value (R-16 compared to R-12.5) than the jacket and insulation.  The insulation & topcoat is a sprayed-on rigid insulation with an acrylic topcoat which exceeds ASHREE 90.1b requirements with 2.25″ of high-density polyurethane foam which meets requirements for California Title 24.  Plus it is field repairable.  Damage the insulation in transit, and we can easily provide you with an inexpensive repair kit to fix any scratch, gouge or chip.  If larger repairs are needed, we have a countrywide list of qualified spray applicators that can do the repair right on site.  Additionally, the insulation and topcoat is suitable for outdoor use.  We produce many “Topcoated” tanks which are positioned out-doors, the 100% acrylic topcoat is formulated to be sprayed over polyurethane foam and designed to withstand a full range of extreme weather and environmental conditions. We can also add 2 applications of insulation to give the R values a boost to R-32. The 2 component polyurethane foam is applied at ambient temperatures, directly to the vessel in the desired thickness. The 2-coat topcoat is then applied from a high pressure spray gun and allowed to dry between coats. The insulation & topcoat option is a great way to reduce costs on your storage tank, roughly 10% less compared to the steel Jacket & insulation.
Spray Polyurethane Foam
Specific Gravity: 1.17 – 1.19
Viscosity: 800 – 1300
Density: @ 2″ 2.10 – 2.35 @4″ 1.88 – 1.99
Closed Cell Content: >90%
K-Factor, initial: 0.155 – 0.170
Permeance: 2.91 (perms) 2.99 (perm inch)
Dimensional Stability: +3.3 to +8.2 – Dry Age 28 days (158°F, Dry) -0.37 to -0.96 – Freeze 14 day (-20°F)
Flame Spread: 25 – ASTM E-84
Smoke Development: 450
R Value: 7.2/ inch
Max. Thickness: 4″

Acrylic Coating
Topcoat: 2 coats white, 25 mils
Texture: Smooth
Grade: Spray or Roll
Base: 100% Acrylic
Solids by weight: 66% (+/-3)
Solids by volume: 55% (+/-3)
Weight per gallon: 11.65 (+/-.2)
Tensile Strength: 300 psi (+/-25)
Elongation: 260% (+/-25)
Durometer hardness: 62 Shore A (+/-2)
Tear Resistance: 85 lbs/ in.
Permeance: 11 U.S. Perms @ 20 mils
Viscosity: 110 K.U. (+/-8)
Codes/ Approvals: Energy Star, ICC, UL, ASTM D6083
Reflectivity: New 85%, Aged 78%
Emmisivity: .89
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