Spray-on Insulation with Topcoat

Spray-on Rigid Polyurethane Foam with Acrylic Topcoat

Niles Steel Tanks sprayed-on rigid insulation with acrylic topcoat exceeds ASHRAE 90.1b requirements with 2.5” of high density polyurethane foam with an R value or R-16. Niles spray-on foam insulation is a class 1 foam with less than a 25‑ASTM spread rating. The 100% acrylic topcoat is formulated for outdoor applications and is designed to withstand extreme weather and a full range of environmental conditions. The 2 component polyurethane foam is applied at ambient temperatures, directly to the vessel and rises to the desired thickness. The acrylic topcoat is applied from a high pressure gun once the foam has set. The acrylic topcoat is UV reflective which protects the spray-on foam from deterioration from the sun.

Spray-on Polyurethane Foam
Specific Gravity: 1.22
Density: 2.5
Closed Cell Content: >90%
K-Factor, Initial: 0.152 2″ SPF
Permeance: 0.55
Dimensional Stability: +1% – Dry age 28 days (158 Degree F)
Flame Spread: 25 – ASTM – 84
Smoke Development: 450
R-Value: 6.6/ Inch
Max. Thickness 4″
Topcoat: White, 25 mils
Texture: Smooth
Grade: Spray or Rolled
Base: 100% Acrylic