Niles Steel Tank’s hot water storage tanks are available with many options.  And, because we are a custom tank fabricator, we are used to doing all kinds of modifications for many different applications.  We list a number of available options which are fairly standard, if you don’t find what you specifically need, please let us know.

  •  Diverter Tube – Available for all tanks with 3” NPT’s.  Shipped loose and installed in the fitting of your choice.
  • 150 psi ~ 160 psi – Higher pressure are available.
  • R-16 Topcoat – With an R-16 and ultra-violet reflective coating, this is the perfect insulation if your tank is outside.
  • Taller Base Ring & Saddle Height – For all those situations where you need just a little extra working room.
  • Plate & Frame mounting plate – Clean up that mechanical room by mounting your plate & frame heat exchanger right on the side of the storage tank.  Neat, clean installation and reduced piping.
  • Power Anodes – Never replace your anodes again.  Save money, time and eliminate down time.
  • Seismic Calculations – As needed.
  • Niles Tank Defender Epoxy – One of the only Epoxy linings on the market suitable for domestic hot water use with an operating temperature up to 180 degrees.