Glass Lined Pipes and Fittings

Niles Steel Tank is capable of producing glass lined pipe up 24″ diameter and 10′ in length and fittings of any size and shape. Used in many applications. Niles supplies several industries with glass lined pipe and fittings including, paint manufacturing, chemical companies, and waste water treatment plants.

Niles Steel Tank has been providing high quality glass-lining since 2004. We have a dedicated and experienced staff that can meet all your needs.  Niles offer three types of glass linings, Ultonium and Ultonium II and Sludge Block.


Ultonium II is used in chemical and paint applications on steel or  ductile iron pipe and fittings and offers a hard durable slick finish.  Ultonium II is a premium glass lining for pipe and fittings applications allowing process temperatures to 350 degrees F. Ultonium II glass is Cobalt blue, formulated with special bonding agents to be amenable to both steel and ductile iron, developing a strong chemical bond between the glass and substrate during the fusing operation.  Ultonium II is a multi-coat system achieving a finished thickness of 12 mils nominal, and is inspected both visually and by spark test to ensure that the glass is free of pin holes crazing and scaling  that would substantially expose the metal surface. Multiple layers of Ultonium II can be applied for additional wear and protection.


Niles Sludge Block has been specially formulated for use in wastewater treatment pipe and fittings. Niles Sludge Block offers a high level of protection against the buildup of crystalline metal salt deposits. And, prevents the buildup of grease and scum on the pipe wall. Niles Sludge Block is a 2 coat system where each layer is roughly 10 to 12 mils thick (20 to 24 mils total coverage) applied to properly prepared substrates.

Hardness:  >5 on the MOHS scale.
Density:  >2.5 grams per c.c.
8% Sulfuric Acid @ 148 degrees F for 10 minutes:  No Loss of gloss.
ASTM C-283:  Weight Loss < 3 mg per square inch.
Thermal Shock:  No integrity loss, no breakdown at 350 F differential.