Power Anodes

Protect your tank investment with a powered anode system for large volume tanks. As a building owner or service maintenance provider, the last thing you need is to replace your large volume storage tank because the consumable anodes were not routinely inspected and replaced.

Save time and money

Scheduled maintenance of your tank’s anode rods can be a costly process. In addition to the expense of pulling your system offline, you need to consider the down time and disruption of service to a building. All of this can be eliminated by installing the powered anode system by Niles Steel Tank.

How it works

The Titanium powered anode and controlled power supply will replace conventional magnesium or aluminum anode rods. The powered anode system monitors the electrical potential of the tank surfaces and supplies identical electrical potential to the

Anode Upgrade Kit

anode rod(s). Because there is no difference in electrical potential, corrosion of the tank is prevented, and the anodes are not consumed.

The system uses low voltage, low current electricity to create electrical potentials that prevent corrosion. The titanium anode is non-consumable, so it does not need to be replaced and there is no “rotten egg” smell.

Key features
  • Titanium powered anodes are designed for maintenance free operation.
  • Easy hook-up, plug-n-play. The unit is powered by 120V from a standard wall outlet. The anodes have a low voltage wire and a ground wire, which is attached to the tank.
  • The power source is a small 6 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ box that can mount to a wall near the tank. (Within 10′ from the anodes)
  • Visual Alert – If the system detects a fault in the wiring, the power source will flash with a green and red LED.
  • Retrofit existing tanks with electric anodes
  • Available for tanks up to 850 gallons
Anode System Diagram
Tank Size No. of Power Anodes Anodes Length
175 Gal ~ 240 Gal. 1 400 mm
280 Gal ~ 453 Gal. 2 400 mm
505 Gal ~ 850 Gal. 2 800 mm
860 Gal ~ Up Call For sizing